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'Life Works: Rediscover Yourself and Transform Your Relationships' 

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"At last, a book about personal growth that is written by an Australian expert ... that is free of jargon and full of exercises designed to change habits of thinking and behaviour."

- The Sydney Morning Herald

LifeWorks, is Amanda's self-help manual designed for ordinary people with everyday problems. People who are learning the art of rediscovering themselves and transforming their relationships at home and at work.

"She grabbed my attention…The very clarity of the book is quite deceptive, lulling the reader along into covering the issues easily and steadily so that it is some time before it becomes clear that this book is very different from those that have gone before. …Ferguson is clear; childhood is not a destiny and adults can change the future if not the past… I strongly recommend this book to patients and counsellors alike as the most sensible book on personal change that I have read in years."

- Professor Allen, Monash University, Head Book Reviewer for The Australian Psychological Society


'Life Works: Meditation and Relaxation'

A selection of guided, spoken meditations and relaxation with background ambient music that may enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, including an explanation about meditation by psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist.

"After listening to Dr Ferguson's CD I found myself to be in a extraordinary state of relaxation ready to start my day.
I play it to my family and friends who have had the same results - it brings on joy and happiness.."

- Carol

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