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Dr. Amanda is a global expert in work engagement and burnout. 



a natural and engaging story teller who is passionate about helping people find meaning, satisfaction and making successful transitions - in life, work and in their relationships.

Her career as a practicing psychologist and organisational psychologist allows her to draw on vast knowledge and insight, which she utilises in her keynotes to encourage and challenge the audience.

Amanda is a registered speaker with leading agency Saxton's Speakers Bureau and has delivered keynote addresses for the NSW Department of Health, ACNeilson, AMP, Australian Business Women's Network and the Association of Competitive Employers since the late 1990's. 

She has appeared on national prime-time television and in major print as an expert in professional and self-development.

Amanda's practical and inspirational style of speaking will motivate your audience into action and encourage them to challenge their thinking and behaviours and transform their lives.

Amanda discusses topics such as:

  • Personal Development - Why it's critical to ongoing life satisfaction and success

  • Recovery from Trauma, Domestic Violence or Childhood Issues

  • Building and Rebuilding Relationships - Including colleagues, romantic, friendships and other personal relationships

  • Work, Career and Job Satisfaction - Finding meaning and advancement

  • Enaging and Retaining Good Employees - Moving organisations forward

  • Ambitious Goal Setting - Utilising the latest research to achieve your stretch goals

  • Why Hypnosis and Meditation and how to use them

  • Self-Sabotage, Procrastination and Time-Wasting - How to practice self and life management

Keynote Topics

Amanda speaks at conferences in the areas of personal and professional relationships, work-life balance, mindset, behavioural habits and changes as well as growth, goal setting and achievement.

How to manage a work / life balance during Covid-19 - Extract from Women's Network QLD

As our homes are now also our workspaces, I found myself, like many other people, tackling those areas of "stuff" that have roosted in our homes. I came across this old gem, which as I watched made me realise just how relevant and applicable it is to the situation we currently find ourselves in. 

So I am sharing with you (again) how you can achieve and maintain your work / life balance during times of extreme pressure and instability practice self-care and shift your mindset to one of growth and positivity.

Dr. Amanda Ferguson - Progress Over Panic

Dr. Amanda shares her insights on how you can change your perspective during the Covid-19 outbreak to help yourself and those in need.