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Wellbeing at Work - with Dr Margaret Osborne & Dr Stephen Mckenzie

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Wellbeing at work, employee engagement & burnout

In this little gem of a discussion, my old friend and peer Dr Margaret Osborne and her colleague Dr Stephen McKenzie, both from The University of Melbourne, and I discuss employee engagement and the related problem of burnout, which are critical to wellbeing in the workplace - and how to help employees and their managers with burnout. We delve into how much wellbeing should be up to employees themselves; how resilient they should be; how psychological wellbeing effects employee performance, productivity and organisational outcomes.

We explain why workplace psychological safety is now recognised as being crucial in today’s COVID world, and what constitutes a psychologically safe workspace.

As practicing psychologists, Margaret and I discuss clinical and organisational insights and practical examples of what managers and employers can do to help workers with wellbeing; and how psychologists can be advocates of employee wellbeing generally and in times of trauma.

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